Mediterranean fish soup with Garda Montecroce Oil ice-cream

Mediterranean fish soup with Garda Montecroce Oil ice-cream Fish Soup Ingredients (for 4)
4 scampi
4 king prawns
4 fillets of sea bass
4 red mullets
8 large clams
4 fillets of maigre Tomato,
salt and pepper to taste.

Ingredients for Garda Montecroce Oil ice-cream
500 grams milk
150 grams oil
150 grams sugar
1 pinch of sea salt

Preparation of the ice-cream
Boil the milk.
Mix the sugar,
oil and salt in a bowl.
Add the boiled milk.
Leave the mixture at –24°C for one day.
Whisk the mixture in the paco-jet.

Preparation of the soup
Use a large sauté pan. Put the cold fish in with the tomato and oil (plus a clove of garlic if you like). Salt and pepper and cover with some water. Put the lid on and leave everything for 5 minutes on a moderate heat. Wait till almost all the cooking liquid has been absorbed and then whisk with Garda oil.

Composition of the dish
Set the fish on the plate in an imaginative way, but remembering to leave a space in the middle for the scoop of Montecroce extra-virgin oil ice-cream. The ice-cream should be set on a piece of toasted bread (made with oil) so that it doesn’t slide around the plate.

Chefs: Johnatan e Gionata Bigotti

Ristorante la rucola
Vicolo Strentelle 7 – Sirmione ( Bs ) – Tel 030 916326