Garda D.O.P. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


Garda Extra-Virgin Olive Oil has always been universally acknowledged as an exceptional oil, especially when it accompanies certain dishes. Its freshness and delicacy are increasingly appreciated throughout Europe.

We are duty bound, in the face of such a prestigious image, to admit that production is fairly small: we need only recall that in commercial terms Garda extra-virgin olive oil is not even 1% of national production. This is the main reason why it is relatively difficult to find on foreign markets.

What unites all producers of Garda DOP Oil is a strong conviction and a constant reconfirmation of qualitative excellence. Here, as in other Regions of Italy, there are young companies that work well and daily increase the image of Italian Oil worldwide.


The high quality of this Garda Oil, today a niche product, is constantly supervised by its own Consortium and by a Certificating Body on the basis of a production discipline which is among the strictest in Italy, approved by EC Regulations 2081/92. The regulations establish permitted olive varieties, registration of the groves, the boundaries of the production areas, the maximum production per hectare and the chemical and organoleptic parameters. The Certifying Body draws up the checking plan for admissibility of a product to the DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) and for marketing methods.

If an oil is to obtain D.O.P. certification there is an obligatory organoleptic evaluation carried out by a group of expert tasters (the so-named panel test ). This evaluation results in the oil being assigned a score. Only oils with a score of seven or greater can use the name DOP.

Sensorial Analysis of “Garda Bresciano” DOP Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

DOP Extra-Virgin Olive Oil certificationColour: from green to yellow
Odour: light or medium fruity
Taste: Fruity with slight bitter and spicy sensation, almond aftertaste
Acidity : not greater than 0.6 per 100 grams of olio.
Panel test score: >=7.00
Number of Peroxides: <=12 Meq02/Kg Oleic Acid : >=74%

Aromatic olfactory sensations that may be found in “Garda Bresciano” DOP Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Keen – aromatic herbs such as pennyroyal, sage, rosemary - flowers – green leaves - almond – pine-seeds - apple - banana - vanilla - tomato - lettuce - artichoke.