Our Oil: Tradition and Commitment

Respect for the territory and love of the land are not a legacy left by our parents but rather a loan, borrowed from our own children. That’s how I would have liked to introduce our estate some time ago, and that’s how I’m doing it now. Without adding too many words... facts are better. We produce only the finest oils, in a constant search for absolute quality.

They come from an overall 20 hectares of olive groves. The cultivation system is partly traditional policonical vase and partly monocone. An overall 10.000 trees of 7/8 different cultivars, planted mainly in the soil of Desenzano, Padenghe and Maguzzano. We grow only the kind of olives necessary for the production of Garda D.O.P. extra-virgin olive-oil.

The Lake Garda territory

Casaliva, the main Garda varietal, finds its ideal habitat in this sub-zone, where the lake is widest and less windswept. And here the terroir dictates its law, making both zone and oil unique. Altitude (100 metres above sea level), temperatures mitigated by the lake, soil rich in sand and pebbles, a northern latitude and special varieties of olive trees mean that blends can be obtained whose flavour wholly reflects the land where the olives are grown.

In comparison with the undisputed quality that has made Garda oil famous over the years – further confirmed by excellent results in various international competitions – the quantity available is very small.
The whole Lake Garda area produces less than 1% of Italian oil. Those of us who have decided to work seriously on the product are now leading figures on a niche market. Our regular customers are wine lodges, restaurants, specialised food shops and private individuals who want quality oil.

Depending on the harvest, our products may be sold out in just a few months. Well aware that we must set out from oil-mills and wine cellars in order to enter the heart and life of a place, we confidently support the “oil and wine roads” that link tourism, landscape, culture, art and flavours.