Garda Bresciano D.O.P. extra-virgin olive oil

1st PRIZE at the International Oil Competition
"SOL d'oro 2004" in the category "light fruity oil"

Olio extravergine di oliva Garda Bresciano D.O.P.The best expression of our production and company philosophy.
It is made from olives that are carefully selected for type and quality, the same that have made Olio del Garda famous for decades.
With a warm, luminous golden color enhanced by pale green overtones, the oil is endowed with a lively, pleasantly persistent bouquet accompanied by a fresh and healthly scent of olives.

One is struck by the memory of newly mown meadows, aromatic herbs and apple. It makes a good first impression in the mouth.
It enters like velvet and reveals a balanced and well-rounded structure. Its taste is initially elegant and pleasantly sweet, immediately followed by a body of significant depth.

Sweet almond and pine nuts, a joy to the palate, gradually give way, blending with a polite bitter-spicy tone.
It finds its best use in the preparation of appetizers based on fresh and saltwater fish, molluscs, thinly-sliced whitefish.

Predominant varieties: Casaliva, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino.

Available inLt. 0,75, Lt. 0,50, Lt. 0,25 botlles

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