Extra-virgin olive oil "Terre del nord" (Corposo)

Clear, brilliant color with delicate greenish reflections, it delights the nose with the fragrance of fresh, unripe olives together with a pleasant aromatic accompaniment containing emerging intense notes of artichoke and green tomatoes. In the mouth it expresses itself with a full, seductive body.

It is flavorful, generous and well-balanced. Its grassy scents are vividly accompanied by a pleasant sensation of unripe bananas.

The finale is orchestrated by a spicy vein and a clear, clean flavor of artichoke.

Soups, grilled meats, brushchettas, legumes, boiled potatoes and the simple, proper accompaniments. Suitable to support the plate it accompanies with its aroma and flavor

Predominant varieties: Frantoio, Maurino, Moraiolo, Pendolino.

Available in Lt.1, Lt. 0,75, Lt. 0,5 bottles.

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